A note from Sophia

Social innovation is exploding, and yet our political divisions seem deeper and deeper.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

I’m a TRANSLATOR: I take big complex ideas and distill them into a clear narrative that will energize your audience. And if that’s a bipartisan audience, I can translate from the Right to the Left and vice versa.  

Together, we can bring social innovation to life.

Love in Condition Yellow is my personal story of a marriage of political opposites.


Love in Condition Yellow is so fresh and funny that you won't expect it to make you want to cry too, but it will.”
—Alexandra Marshall, author of Gus in Bronze
and The Court of Common Pleas

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Compelling, lively, and insightful...Sophia Raday has written a witty, nuanced memoir that is both a love story and an anthropological expedition of discovery.”
—Rick Atkinson, Pulitzer prize winner and author of An Army at Dawn
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